Kevin Cable and is a karaoke host in Orange County and Long Beach at some of the best venues you will find! He loves hosting and works tirelessly to provide a unique experience to both the singers and the audience. With over 15 years of experience, Kevin has an extensive song list spanning every music genre. Armed with his electric guitar, he makes singers feel like they are a rock star as he plays along side them. His outrageous style and enthusiasm for the music draws karaoke fans to his shows over and over again.

Kevin showed an interest in music and fashion in his youth and has always loved putting on costumes much like the rock stars he adored in the 80s. He has been playing guitar for over 25 years and has performed in various rock bands throughout his life. Kevin’s number one priority is to make the singers feel as though they performing at their own show and encourages patrons to take the microphone, even if they are a first time singer.

You won’t find another karaoke host in Southern California like him. Visit one of his shows and be prepared to become a star!

He didn’t invent karaoke;

He reinvented it.

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